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The best lessons are the ones which students never forget. Our interactive competitions across classes, schools and universities create an unforgettable experience that creates brand awareness to with your institution.

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Empower educators with our user-friendly classroom solution that tracks progress and provides access to learning resources. Gather insights on what matters the most to Generation Z.

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Join the top ambassador program in the country and work with other young entrepreneurs to create real change in the world and earn prizes by doing it!

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“Since I started using Fintech128, I've seen a significant improvement in my financial situation. Their features have allowed me to analyze my spending patterns, set realistic budgets, and save effectively. It's like having a personal finance advisor."
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Kristin Watson
“I can't recommend Fintech128 enough! Their innovative approach and methodology to financial solutions has revolutionized how I handle my money. With their secure platform and user-friendly interface, I feel confident in managing my investments."
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Jacob Jones
“Fintech128 has been a game-changer for my financial management. Their platform offers a seamless experience, enabling me to effortlessly track my transactions and stay on top of my expenses. It has made my financial life so much easier!"
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Adison Kenter
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Elevate your Customers Financial Skills

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