1. Comprehensive Learning Experiences

From Investing to Retirement planning, we have created hundreds of expert-validated lessons that have every topic covered.


Pick and choose which lessons fit your customers, and if we don’t have them, we’ll create them for you!

2. Tailored to your Institution

Daily missions and curated learning pathways help your customers foster better financial habits and discover your institution's values and goals.


Through embedded surveys, AI-driven conversations and custom missions, we get to the bottom of what your customers love!

3. Playful and Powerful

Through earning points and completing exciting missions, we've created an ecosystem that encourages playful learning. If learning isn’t fun, what’s the point?


We can gamify actions across your entire organisation to drive greater awareness and engagement of your products and services.

4. Community Rewards

Whether it’s tickets to your local football team, a checking account bonus or a donation your community fund, offer customers full flexibility.


We help customise our marketplace with rewards that matter to your community.

Introducing Helpful Fin, our AI powered Financial Assistant.

Available 24/7, Fin serves as your reliable financial coach. Fin is here to provide personalized insights, answer any of your questions, and guide you along your financial journey. 
With the ability to talk to you in animated personalities you choose, Fin transforms learning into a dynamic experience, replacing passive lectures with engaging conversations that make financial fluency accessible and enjoyable to all!

Your Branding

Customize Doshi Learn with your Branding Guidelines

Your Journey

Create Custom Missions, Surveys and Content in your institution’s tone of voice

Your Insights

Access KPIs, Engagement Metrics and Reports on what your customers love to interact with.

Elevate your Customers 
Financial Skills

Book your demo to discover how you can gamified your customer education to increase awareness and influence product use.